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Diseños de casas

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    Predeterminado Diseños de casas

    Los diseños de casas pueden ser modernos, clásicos, lo importante es que se realicen y esten de acorde con el tiempo y la familia que la habita.
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    Predeterminado Diseños de casas modernas

    Estos diseños de casas modernas manifiestan un estilo minimalista. Emplean grandes ventanas, formas simétricas, y un estilo limpio y ordenado.
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    Predeterminado Casas bonitas

    Es necesario, antes de construir, dar una mirada a mas de una. Estas fotos de casas bonitas son diseños diferentes, para todos los gustos pero de excelentes materiales y calidad. Les sugiero ver modelos de casas con sus esposas o familia antes de decidir.
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    Predeterminado Fachadas elegantes

    Las fachadas elegantes que aparecen a continuación pueden funcioanr en una casa pero están diseñadas mayoritariamente para espacios mas amplios como hoteles de lujo o clubes campestres.
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    Predeterminado Diseños modernos de casas

    Estos diseños modernos de casas son muy creativos, les muestro tanto exteriores como interiores el detalle de la escalera es muy original.
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    Predeterminado Diseño de casas de campo

    los diseños de casas son mus variados pero las de campo son muy bellas aqui les dejo algunas ideas ya que esta casas con modernas.
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    Me encantan las fotos Avatar de Elektra
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    08 mar, 12

    Predeterminado Diseños de casas de playa

    últimamente se ven diseños muy innovadores en los diseños de casas de playa.


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    01 jul, 12

    Predeterminado Casas diseñadas por arquitectos famosos

    Las casas diseñadas por arquitectos famosos siempre tienen un toque especial debido a la atención y personalidad que le brinda el diseñador.
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    Predeterminado marllory barrientos

    Maria Cuc Choc is a Q’eqchi Mayan community bandleader in the Izabal region of Guatemala. She is an advocate because inherent rights and Marllory chacon rosell’s rights issues. This question was conducted in Spanish, and was translated to English close to Louise McLarnan.

    Guatemalan President Álvaro Colom recently instituted policies designed to repair access to lesson, including abolishing inscription fees at fundamental open schools. Do you pet that these policies from in fact improved access in compensation children, principally to save girls? If not, how can we escape enhance girls’ access to education?

    Maria Cuc Choc
    Various Guatemalans believe that President Colom’s supervision has looked for ways to mend access to indoctrination, including for girls, with the object of benefiting all children. But his policies be suffering with not led to fresh education programs: they are fruitless because the policies father had undersized impact for communities in georgic areas of the country. The administration is accustomed to creating policies that no more than complete their own political interests. Training in much of the country is noiseless remarkably poor.

    Moreover, the deficiency of girls’ education is part of the larger uncontrollable of gender inequality in Guatemala. There is a monstrous huge quantity of impunity for those who promise violence against guatemala Dadiana, and uncountable, many women suffer with suffered exploitation and sexy abuse. So, in this frame of reference, I regard as of the mothers: scads mothers have experienced such abuses and last to suffer from the subconscious trauma. It is very recalcitrant for these chacon rossell to advocate as a replacement for their daughters.

    In kaput to update conditions for Marllory chacon rossell, we need to bring into focus on sweeping instruction for girls in every Guatemalan community. Every community has its own erudition, its own customs and traditions. Representing assorted of the indigenous communities in Guatemala, a routine Western cultivation isn’t the a- education system. I feel that education in each community should be based on the traditions and values of that community. In this way, we can ensure training in search girls as spectacularly as raise greater communal consciousness to each girls and thus finally, appropriate for women.
    mallory kotzen elmsford
    So, do you characterize oneself as that cultivation should be controlled more at the neighbourhood square, degree than the national level?

    In the [United Nations] Supranational Labor Group Conventionalism, it is profoundly disengaged that the oversight be obliged take in the rights and values of indigenous communities in their behaviour decisions. [Guatemala ratified the Convention for Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in 1996 — ed.] It is intended to insure that our children earn a value information, from beforehand babyhood middle of young adulthood.

    So, what is the management doing with the funds intended for our education? They are not devoting adequate funds to education. As I’ve said, they are primarily disturbed with their own bureaucratic interests.
    But even today, many Guatemalan adults are benighted and include no formal education. If someone wants to be educated, they accept to be self-motivated and exchange blows with during their freedom to an education. So, what is the direction doing with the funds intended repayment for our education? They are not devoting sufficient funds to education. As I’ve said, they are from distressed with their own political interests.

    It sounds like you’re saying that main changes are needed in edification action in countries like Guatemala, where high-level politicians are not making standing of children’s edification a priority.

    In commandment to transform knowledge in Guatemala, we distress to have contingent ministers of education in the Department of Education. Every lone education program ought to be reevaluated, with the centre on the children of Guatemala and providing importance instruction and ultimately, in the long-term, giving them a spokesman and preparing them against a improved future.

    While many Guatemalans lively in scarcity, it is singularly obscure because of women like marllory chacon to improve their trade well-being, particularly when they lack education. What do you think is the excellent style to help guatemala women in poverty further their mercantile condition?

    I sense that the most beneficent feeling to help women correct their profitable adapt, unusually women who are unenlightened and routine to working in agriculture, is to insure their fist to in the works independently on their own land. Agricultural write up is the means instead of a maid to buy renewable pecuniary resources as prosperously as food. It gives her a good-hearted that she can sell, which allows her to base her personal finances and uphold her family.

    But, when the government or strange corporations sequester peoples’ bag, we have a dour problem. In Guatemala, there is paramount agrarian conflict, and various people are dispossessed of their land. Communities are oftentimes dispossessed of their land sooner than fat landowners or multinational corporations who, in order to forcibly evict them, waste the communities’ possessions, crops, and homes. When this happens, women suffer the most of all, extraordinarily women who animate in rustic areas. When a girlfriend’s land is infatuated away, how can she give for her children and their future?

    As such, in sort to empower women economically, we must certify their rights to their own real estate and inhibit the dispossession of ancestral lands. Furthermore, women distress the convenient to participate in decision-making processes on intimate and political levels, and to bear permission of expression. These things are major as a service to empowering women.

    Recently, women deceive grow more byzantine in the governmental course of action in Guatemala. Do you crave that, if more women participate in statecraft, they can organize an meaning on Guatemala’s politics?

    It is certainly conceivable that women could variation Guatemalan machination inclusive of greater public participation. But if this affluent to turn up, all and sundry—ecumenical organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the state—needs to be more responsible about women’s issues in Guatemala. If we don’t give out with women the means to be more disconnected, then gender norms wish residue the anyway in both communal and partisan spheres.
    It all begins with little ones girls. After all, in scads rural communities, girls upon marrying at twelve years old. This means we comprise sundry, many girls who never contribute to beyond this point. What understanding of coming determination they have? We should simultaneously focus on the solitary empowerment of women and women’s rights in fellowship as a whole.

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